Artisan Dairy Craft

Goat’s So Good

When people try our kefir or yogurt for the first time, many can’t believe they’re tasting goat milk. The flavor is so fresh and mild, they swear they’re eating “regular” dairy products. We proudly admit there’s nothing “regular” about us, from our unparalleled commitment to caring for our goats, to our process of artisan dairy making – a craft that’s been perfected over nearly 50 years. What sets our process apart?


We use only the best quality goat milk, sourced from seven Grade A, Certified Humane® dairies. Once the milk flows into our holding tanks, we cool it down right away to preserve its freshness.


We handle the milk gently, never stirring or agitating it more than necessary. The membrane of milk fat in goat’s milk is very delicate and easily ruptured, more so than in cow’s milk. A strong “goaty” flavor can come from goat milk that has been over-agitated or not rapidly chilled after milking.


We take our time with the fermentation process. The culturing process takes between 5 and 9 hours, during which time the milk thickens and develops a slightly tart flavor. The beneficial bacterial cultures, or probiotics, multiply rapidly. At the end of this process, each serving of kefir or yogurt will contain hundreds of billions of probiotics.


We believe in minimal processing and pure ingredients. We don’t add any milk powder, gums, preservatives, or artificial thickeners to our products. To give our yogurt its delicate texture, we add a small amount of non-GMO tapioca starch and pectin.


We use only the best organic fruit and vanilla in our flavored yogurts and kefirs. Whether they’re filled with real, sun-ripened fruit, or subtly enhanced with organic vanilla beans, our recipes harmoniously balance sweet and tart.

Try our goat milk yogurt and kefir for yourself—you won’t believe how good it tastes!


“I am so glad you're able to raise your beautiful goats with love and care! Thank you!”

– JoAnn, New Jersey