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About Us

Goat farmers and food lovers

For over fifty years, Redwood Hill Farm has led the charge to bring the great benefits of goat dairy to communities across the country. At the heart of what we do is a deep love for our goats and for their delicious, nourishing milk.

A 4-H project gone wild

It all began in 1968 when a young girl moved with her family from Los Angeles to the quirky farm town of Sebastopol in rural Northern California. The oldest of ten siblings, she mourned the loss of her roller-skating days along urban sidewalks, but the girl soon found a new passion when she joined the local 4H program: A love for goats.

A 4-H project gone wild

Over the next half-century, Jennifer Bice built on her affection for these endearing animals with her pioneering farm—which became the first Certified Humane® goat dairy in the United States—her award-winning herd that is famous among breeders, and the creamery she built only a few miles down the road. Jennifer’s dream was to share the undeniable goodness of goats and their incredibly nutritious milk with people from coast to coast. Today, that’s still our mission and our passion.

The first Certified Humane® goat dairy in the country

Today, we’re as committed as ever to the highest standards of animal welfare. All of our milk comes from Certified Humane® farms owned by families who take pride in being stewards of their land and their herds. That means Twilight, Zimba, Raindrop, and the rest of our goats are raised in an environment of love and respect. Free to be their sweet, sassy, hilarious selves.

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We’ve been doing this a long time, and we're not too modest to say that we make some of the most delicious yogurt on the market.

From pioneers to perfection

Each batch of our creamy yogurt and kefir is made with incredible care and minimal processing. We use only the best-quality milk sourced from Grade A, Certified Humane® dairies. Working with simple, clean ingredients, we take our time with fermentation, using a slow-culturing process that produces hundreds of billions of probiotics per serving.

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We trot lightly

Sustainability runs deep with us—it’s just how we do business and how we have always done it. That’s why our creamery is powered by 100% renewable energy from solar, wind, and geothermal sources. We also operate an extensive water-saving program that uses grey water to irrigate neighboring fields. All of our packaging is designed with sustainability in mind and is made with lightweight recyclable plastic that is free of harmful chemicals.

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We trot lightly