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The Star Wars Goats of Redwood Hill Farm

The force is strong with these goats. May 4th is Star Wars Day, and in celebration we’re showing you some of the esteemed goats from Redwood Hill Farm’s Star Wars line. Every maternal lineage at the farm has a theme. Some are named after flowers, some after dances, and—we kid you not—these goats are named after favorite Star Wars characters!

First we have the family matriarch, Amidala. This regal LaMancha doe is a natural leader, presiding over the herd with a fair and even-hooved temperament.

Next is young Rey, Amidala’s daughter, a courageous and energetic kid who loves to jump, tumble and play with acrobatic grace.

Rey’s sister is Kyla Ren—dark like her namesake Kylo, but a sweet soul who would never turn to the dark side.

Finally, we have the third triplet born to Amidala, Finn, a brave and bubbly LaMancha who’s always up for an adventure.

The Bice children with goats Rey (left), Finn (center), and Kyla Ren (right)

And last but not least, our beloved Virginia, doing her best impression of Yoda.

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone. May the 4th be with you.